North Island Cannabis

  • Upana Caves

    A day-use site including a trail system that takes you to the Upana Caves - named for the river that flows underground through the system. There are five caves to explore, a viewpoint overlooking a waterfall, and a viewing platform providing a great view of the Resurgence Cave entrance (where the river flows out of the cave and back to the surface) - not to be missed! Remember to take two sources of light, watch your footing, and mind your head on some of the low cave ceilings.
  • God's Pocket Marine Provincial Park

    God’s Pocket Marine Provincial Park provides some of the best underwater scuba diving on the Pacific Coast. Most diving takes place in nearby Browning Pass, an area rated by the late underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau as one of the best cold water diving destinations in the world. Conditions can be difficult however, so all divers should be experienced and well-equipped.
  • Goodspeed Fossil Bed

    North Island Cannabis, your last stop before your first step of adventure - Fossil beds  give us a unique time machine where we can get a glimpse back at life as it existed in the area millions of years ago, BC has a number of well known fossil beds, and the Goodspeed Fossil Bed should be amongst them.