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Goodspeed Fossil Bed

Goodspeed Fossil Bed

Feb 18, 2022

North Island Cannabis

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Goodspeed Fossil Bed

Fossil beds are areas of sedimentary stone where the fossilized remains of organisms can be found. These areas give us a unique time machine where we can get a glimpse back at life as it existed in the area millions of years ago.  BC has a number of well known fossil beds, and the Goodspeed Fossil Bed should be amongst them.

The Goodspeed Fossil Beds are located off Holberg Road, 38 km from Port Hardy and a further 1.6 km up a side road to the site. The local Rotary Club has recently replaced all the signage making the location much easier to find. The site is a worthwhile stop en route to San Josef Bay and Cape Scott Park. While there are a number of different fossils on-site, the majority are clam shells. There is also a geocache located here as well - find out more here.

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