North Island Cannabis

  • Upana Caves

    A day-use site including a trail system that takes you to the Upana Caves - named for the river that flows underground through the system. There are five caves to explore, a viewpoint overlooking a waterfall, and a viewing platform providing a great view of the Resurgence Cave entrance (where the river flows out of the cave and back to the surface) - not to be missed! Remember to take two sources of light, watch your footing, and mind your head on some of the low cave ceilings.
  • Raft Cove Provincial Park

    Isolated Raft Cove Provincial Park on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island is wonderfully scenic, attracting wilderness adventurers on day hikes or backpackers carrying in overnight gear to set up camp on the long crescent shaped sandy beach.  This undeveloped, rustic park features a long spit and sandy bay at the mouth of the meandering Macjack River, rocky headlands and a wild coastal environment. 
  • The Great Bear Rainforest

    The Great Bear Rainforest is a vast area of pristine wilderness about the size of Ireland. Encompassing a quarter of the world’s coastal temperate rainforest, it’s the perfect place to soak up a whole lot of silence and drink in lush green surroundings and it's the only corner of the planet where you can spot the elusive white Kermode bear, also known as the “Spirit bear.”
  • God's Pocket Marine Provincial Park

    God’s Pocket Marine Provincial Park provides some of the best underwater scuba diving on the Pacific Coast. Most diving takes place in nearby Browning Pass, an area rated by the late underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau as one of the best cold water diving destinations in the world. Conditions can be difficult however, so all divers should be experienced and well-equipped.
  • Mount Cain Alpine Park: “Cain Sucks, tell your friends!”

    Of the two ski areas on Vancouver Island in BC, Mount Cain Alpine Park is the one that’s well and truly off the beaten track and a major step back in time (Mount Washington is the other Vancouver Island ski resort). Run as a non-profit ski area that’s evolved from a ski club with mostly volunteer workers, the Mt Cain community has a lot of pride when it comes to their ski hill. 
  • Goodspeed Fossil Bed

    North Island Cannabis, your last stop before your first step of adventure - Fossil beds  give us a unique time machine where we can get a glimpse back at life as it existed in the area millions of years ago, BC has a number of well known fossil beds, and the Goodspeed Fossil Bed should be amongst them.
  • The Port Hardy Dakota 576 Plane Crash Site Trail

    North Island Cannabis, your last stop before your first step of adventure - Dakota 576 Crash Site Trail is a 4.2 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Port Hardy, British Columbia, Canada that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate.
  • Alert Bay & the U'mista Cultural Center

    North Island Cannabis, your last stop before your first step of adventure - Alert Bay is a village on Cormorant Island, near the town of Port McNeill on northeast Vancouver Island, in the Regional District of Mount Waddington, British Columbia, Canada - and houses the beautiful U'mista Cultural Centre.
  • San Josef Bay and Cape Scott Provincial Park

    North Island Cannabis, your last stop before your first step of adventure - Cape Scott Provincial Park is a truly magnificent area of rugged coastal wilderness that is located at the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island, 563 kilometres from Victoria - and holds the breathtaking sandy beaches of San Josef Bay.
  • Terpenes Demystified

    Last time we talked about the differences between indica and sativa cannabis species, or frankly their lack there of, and how each strain produces an effect as individual as its user - which has brought us to the broader conversation of terpenes!
  • Indica vs Sativa, What Gives?

    Cannabis flower (aka weed, ganja, and grass) is generally broken up into four categories: Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, and High CBD – but if you’re not a cannabis connoisseur this doesn’t mean a whole lot to you, and as it turns out, maybe it doesn’t mean that much after all.