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Grant Bay Rec Site with North Island Cannabis

Grant Bay Rec Site

Apr 15, 2022

North Island Cannabis

North Island Cannabis, your last stop before your first step of adventure, in the North Island’s beautiful Port Hardy, British Columbia – now let us guide you through some of the wonders of the natural world from 4x4 backroads and forest trails to ocean campsites and everywhere in-between.

Disclaimer: North Island Cannabis is not liable for you checking out these spots and having an awesome time, or getting lost in the woods, so please tell someone where you’re going and don’t forget to pack out what you pack in.

Grant Bay Rec Site with North Island Cannabis

An isolated bay on the north side of Quatsino Sound, Grant Bay is long, remote, and sandy beach accessed by an easy 10-minute walk. Surrounded by rocky shores, this white sand beach is as beautiful as it is alluring, suitable for day use and overnight, rustic beach camping - find out more here.

Still got questions, why don’t you swing by 9250 Trustee Road and we’ll help you out – North Island Cannabis, where the owner is the operator; shop local!